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Create Product Awareness on Instagram with MakeMeReach

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1 Feb, 2018

We recently worked with Social.Lab, one of MakeMeReach’s long standing partners, to help their client IKEA Belgium leverage Instagram Stories to better reach their audience.

Social.Lab is a leading social media marketing agency in ten major markets including the US, UK and France. They represent IKEA in Belgium and needed a way to reach their objective of increasing brand awareness on social media. They decided to utilise Instagram Stories at the launch of their new collections to create awareness around the products.

Instagram was the most obvious social media platform to promote their new products as it’s the most visually appealing. For the launch of IKEA Belgium’s new “PS” collection they decided to organise a vibrant launch party to create a buzz around the new products. In order to make people aware of the products launching (and the party itself) IKEA Belgium covered the whole event on Instagram Stories. They captured moments throughout the night, highlighting the effort that had been put into the event. This really paid off with their Organic Stories Content reaching 22% of their Instagram following.


Following on from the success of their publicity on Instagram Stories, IKEA Belgium decided to see how much further they could push their advertising on the platform. Social.Lab suggested they trial paid ads in Instagram Stories to promote the launch of their new JASSA collection.

Boasting 800 million users worldwide and two million advertisers, with higher per-post engagement rates than other social platforms, and a higher average order value than Facebook, Instagram offers the same powerful targeting tools as Facebook. The benefits of Instagram stories are endless, the full screen format offers advertisers the possibility to totally immerse their audiences in the story.


IKEA Belgium created a story around a sequence of three images.


The first image attracted the user, appealing to their curiosity and urging them to tap the story to find out more. The second image announced the anticipated JASSA collection, with a sneak peak at some of the prints and designs behind. The third and final image within the story encouraged IKEA customers to come to their stores and see the new products for themselves.

Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 16.01.32.png

With over 53K followers on Instagram at the time (now grown to 78K), IKEA Belgium already had a loyal community on the platform. With the help of MakeMeReach’s advanced optimization tools, the JASSA campaign reached a CPM lower by 15% to their performance benchmark on Instagram.

Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 16.01.21-1.pngThe Story Ad also reached up to 14% of IKEA’s targeted audience. This ad campaign required very little investment on IKEA Belgium’s part but it generated huge success!

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