Customized User Roles: 5 Examples You Could Set Up in MakeMeReach

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8 Mar, 2019

MakeMeReach is a powerful solution with many different pillars to help you optimize your online ads: automation, reporting, campaign creation, and more. And we all know that the many steps of running an ad campaign is a multi-person effort. From the person setting the budget to the one setting up audiences and managing campaigns to the one leveraging analytics to plan future campaigns, there are often many of your team members who need to access the MakeMeReach platform. But not everyone needs access to everything.

To help keep users focused on their goals and to optimize the way your team works together on your online ads, MakeMeReach offers customizable roles and permissions. Your team members see just what they need to and nothing they don’t.

Permissions perfectly suited to your team

Roles and permissions can be assigned through the “Team” tab within the drop-down menu in the top right corner of your MakeMeReach account. When you add a new team member, you have the option to choose from foScreenshot 2018-12-21 at 09.44.53ur standard roles: Admin, User, Viewer, and Custom.

But, added to that, the possibilities for customization are almost endless and let you keep your team members focused on their tasks by only giving them access to what they really need. Parameters to choose from include automation, billing, creatives permissions, setting budgets, campaign creation (with sub-categories for different campaign objectives), and more.  

 Watch how to set up custom roles below:


What could customization look like for you and your team? Here are some examples:


A franchise business has multiple store locations, all grouped under the same brand. Franchises are challenged with driving business to each store location, while also building awareness around the brand itself. Custom roles offer a solution to this challenge: you can let each local store manager run specific campaigns for their location. Instead of each manager having full User permissions, they can be limited to certain types of posts. For instance, they can use organic posts and create store visits campaigns without having permissions to create campaigns like brand awareness or engagement that you may want to reserve for a franchise-wide approach.  

Creative Agencies

Many businesses rely on agencies to design brand and advertising creatives. If you’re working with a creative agency, you’ll want them to be able to upload their creatives to the platform, but not to launch campaigns. This is easy to do when you set up a customized role: you can give your agency permission to create drafts so they can upload creatives, while not giving them access to the “Create new campaigns” option.

Community Manager

linkedThe role of a community manager is to build relationships with current and potential customers and drive conversations. Since they are working towards specific goals, you could give them custom access to manage and create new campaigns, but only for the “engagement” objective. In addition to this, you could grant them rights to add new audiences, to use organic posts, and to access analytics as a viewer, without their having the ability to take actions.


The CMO is responsible for driving growth by defining the company’s marketing strategy. As the person responsible for managing marketing costs, budgeting falls to your CMO. With a MakeMeReach custom role, you can make sure this permission is restricted only to them: the CMO can set campaign budgets and leave the rest of the campaign creation to their team.  

Billing Team

results_2 (3)Your billing team is there to manage your invoices and make sure everything is paid on time. Typically they won’t need to access most of the other tools on the platform, however, including campaign creation and management. No worries: just set up a specific role that only gives them access to the billing section of MakeMeReach.

These are just a few examples of many. You could also create custom permissions for your CRM team, for your finance team… The possibilities go on!

Try it out!

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