Event Summary: Showcasing Google Reporting in MakeMeReach

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6 Mar, 2019

Last week we organized a workshop with our partner Google to showcase our expanding ad tech solution and present some of our future vision. As a Google Premier Partner since 2018, the workshop was the opportunity to present the newly launched Google reporting now available on MakeMeReach, and to outline the roadmap of more functionalities to come.

Attendees heard from four speakers on the future of cross-channel advertising: Pierre-Lou Dominjon, CEO at MakeMeReach; Maël Barthelemy, Tech Strategic Partnership Manager at Google; Nicolas Levaique, Head of Product at MakeMeReach; and Benjamin Pincemaille, Co-Founder of the retail company TAMMY & BENJAMIN.

A new vision for online advertising

IMG_1661Here at MakeMeReach, we’re convinced that the future of online advertising is cross-channel. To this end, Pierre-Lou Dominjon presented our vision of the Ads Journey, which unites online advertising campaigns across networks. This global vision is essential to delivering a coherent message to consumers.

We’re building out our already powerful solution to enable digital marketers to better plan, deliver, and optimize cross-channel campaigns, across social, Google and more.  Leveraging the power of each network our solution is set to create a clear and transparent vision of customer journey, helping you drive your business forward without missing any opportunities.

Our integration with Google is a key part of the the Digital Marketing Smart Suite we’re building, with (what we call) the “Ads Journey” at its core. You can read more about the Ads Journey in our eBook on online ads in 2019.

AI: revolutionizing advertising

Image from iOS (1)-1Google’s Maël Barthelemy focused on the importance of artificial intelligence, which is on track to increase global productivity about twice as much as computers have. AI is the most significant technological advance humanity has seen up until now, and is at the heart of Google’s products and innovations.

AI is used across Google products, from Google Translate to Google Maps. It’s also revolutionizing their advertising technology, which can now analyse billions of interactions in milliseconds.

New features for cross-channel advertising on MakeMeReach

IMG_1669As one of the first partners to build on the newly released version of the Google API, we made the most of this workshop event to showcase the new Google reporting capability available in MakeMeReach. Through a demo, Nicolas Levaique demonstrated how MakeMeReach users can now connect their Google Ads metrics and display them alongside social ads reporting, all within a simple and intuitive user experience.

This new Google reporting feature comes with all of the same functionalities as MakeMeReach reporting for the other networks we partner with:

  • See your Google ads metrics on the reporting dashboard in a user-friendly experience, alongside your key performance indicators from social channels.

  • Configure different metrics visualizations, with the ability to drill down into detail and answer the questions that matter.

  • Set up saved views that enable users to easily access different data and reporting as necessary.

  • Create widgets that include Google ads performance metrics, together with metrics from social channels.

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Cross-channel ads in action

tammy & benjamin logoOur client TAMMY & BENJAMIN, a manufacturer and seller of luxury leather handbags, recently leveraged social and search via MakeMeReach, achieving impressive results during the 2018 Black Friday period. At the workshop, co-founder Benjamin Pincemaille explained that a coherent strategy was clearly important for Black Friday success, and that MakeMeReach, with the Google integration, made it possible.

Watch our case study video with Benjamin below for more detail!


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