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Meet Férial, product owner at MakeMeReach!

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29 Jan, 2020

We’re happy to introduce you to Férial, Product Owner for the campaign creation flow here at MakeMeReach. Since she joined the team this summer, Férial has been responsible, along with the rest of the product team, for building an ever better platform that helps our clients save time and drive better results for their online ads campaigns.

We spoke to Férial to learn more about her background and what she’s set out to accomplish at MakeMeReach.

Her background

thumbnail_ferialWhat is your background, Férial? What did you do before joining MakeMeReach?

I have an engineering degree and a masters in innovation and technology management. I’ve worked in a small company, a start-up, and a consulting company. I have experience in software, website and application publishing, as well as with IOT. I’ve therefore had the chance to explore some varied fields, but it has always been important to me to work as closely as possible to the product, and in Agile structures.

Her role on the product team

How would you describe the product team at MakeMeReach?

What I like most about the product team is our complementarity: UI / UX, marketing, Agile, etc. And that complementarity is only growing as our team expands. It gives us the opportunity to challenge ourselves on our respective products. We are also a team that cares about understanding our customers and adapting to their business needs. We have ambitious goals for the future, and we’re in a good position to achieve them with our dynamic of collaboration and continuous improvement.

What does your job look like day to day?

My job basically consists of two main parts. The first involves understanding our customers and their needs to be able to prioritize the most important features. To help me do this, I work with the teams that are closest to customers as well as the teams working directly with our tools to understand any issues customers might be experiencing and the improvements we can make. I also keep a close eye on platform use statistics. 

The second part is working with the development team so that the production of new features or improvement of existing ones is done well.

creation-flowWhat is your favorite part of the job?

What I like about my job is seeing the final development of a product that had previously only been a vision. I love both teamwork and tackling complex subjects, and the position of product owner is full of both. I really enjoy the kind of problem-solving I get to do every day. 

Working at MakeMeReach

What are you focused on right now, and what about it makes you most excited?

I work on the “flow” part of our application—the part clients use to create advertising campaigns. It’s a key part of our platform. It’s exciting because it’s a product that our clients expect a lot out of, and one that is constantly evolving. Among other things, as native tools evolve, we add new features to our flow. We also want to continue to bring more networks—and more unique features—to our customers.

What is your favorite thing about working at MakeMeReach? 

One thing I like about MakeMeReach is the human scale of the company. We all know each other, and we quickly feel recognized by our colleagues. Beyond that, this is a company that really cares about the important subjects of our time: ecology, gender equality, etc. It matters to me to be part of a company that is socially responsible.

Zero Waste DayThe MakeMeReach team at this year's Zero Waste Challenge.

What would you say is your greatest achievement since joining MakeMeReach? 

I’m really happy with the way I’ve been working with the flow development team. We’re a team that wants to innovate in the way we do things and that cares deeply about producing a clean and intuitive application for our customers. 

Interested in working at MakeMeReach?

We currently have several positions open in the product team, the tech team, and beyond. If you like the sound of working here, take a look at our open positions, and send us your application! 

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