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Glovo scales and delivers with MakeMeReach

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13 Dec, 2018

Glovo delivers any local product to your door in an average of 30 mins. From electronics, to food, to flowers, Glovo fills the gap between offline and online commerce - on demand and on mobile. And Glovo has relied on the MakeMeReach solution as a crucial pillar in their scale-up strategy to new cities throughout the world.

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Time to scale
In September 2017, after roughly two-and-a-half years in business, Glovo decided it was time to scale quickly. In just over a year they’ve added more than 100 cities, and are today active in 22 countries worldwide.
Added to that, they’ve multiplied their number of orders delivered by 10 - from 1 million in September 2017, to over 10 million today.

City strategy

audience (1)To achieve this kind of growth, Glovo have had to be smart about how they established their activity in new cities. Their business model is such that they are not only interesting in acquiring new users of the service, but also new delivery people (called ‘Glovers’) in each new city. 
To get both users and Glovers on board, and ensure each new location started off with a bang, Glovo followed a two-stage targeting approach.

1. Broad Targeting

In the first stage, focusing on individual suburbs at a time, Glovo used broad targeting to reach males and females aged 20-54 years old.

2. Building on THE foundation

Then, in the second stage, they built on this initial audience with lookalikes and additional interest-based groups.

The ads

Screenshot 2018-12-13 at 12.16.36With a strong focus on video ads and Stories, the creatives clearly explained Glovo’s unique selling proposition, dropping in logos from key brands they deliver, to build trust.
While following a mixed-placement strategy, Glovo were particularly happy with Instagram Stories ads, which saw a CPA 4x lower than Instagram video ads.
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irene“The easy UI of MakeMeReach, coupled with their knowledgeable team, meant 
that we could create highly relevant campaigns which were hyper-localized in the cities we were looking to launch. Over the last year we’ve been scaling fast and we have needed partners to support us on this purpose, as MakeMeReach"
- Irene Vaquero, User Acquisition Manager, Glovo

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