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WATCH: Highlights from our weekly Facebook Live in 2018

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24 Aug, 2018

Over the last few months we've been busy here at MakeMeReach running a weekly Facebook Live, aimed at keeping you updated on the latest happenings in social media advertising!

Whether or not you've joined us for one of these live broadcasts, we wanted to share a few highlights from the first 15 episodes with you. Featuring our Octopus mascot, Reachy, and our Content Marketing Manager, Joe, we call the show 'On the Couch with Joe & Reachy'. We hope you enjoy the short highlights clip below:

These Facebook Live broadcasts take place every Friday afternoon at 2pm Central European time (CET), and align with our mission at MakeMeReach to 'help social ad experts level up'.

joereachyWhether we're updating you on some of the big news stories in social advertising from the week before, or diving into a particular theme in more detail, we've had regular feedback that viewers find these sessions informative, thought-provoking and practical. We'd also like to think they find them amusing! 

Here are three of our favourite 'themed' episodes from 2018 so far:

The FIFA World Cup Special

We discussed how to leverage large-scale, global events like the FIFA World Cup in your social media advertising strategy. This episode provides some keys on how to tap in to the conversation and be relevant as a brand, at a time when football fans' lifestyles and buying habits changed. During the episode we also discovered that Reachy had similar psychic powers to Paul the Octopus!

The Facebook & Instagram Ad Bidding Special

Joe, Reachy and their colleague Laura discussed how to master Facebook ad bidding. As one of the more confusing topics in Facebook advertising, we discussed bid strategies and bid types, as well as other factors that matter to winning in the Facebook auction.

The Friday the 13th Special

To celebrate Friday the 13th, Joe and Reachy spoke with their colleague Victoire about some of the scariest mistakes we commonly see in social media advertising. From not using the Facebook Pixel correctly, to ad set overlap, to frequency being too high, this episode dealt with some of the low hanging fruit that could improve your advertising effectiveness overnight!

While we're currently on a short summer break, we will be back every Friday at 2pm from the 7th of September. Follow us on Facebook to get our 'go-live' notifications and ensure you never miss another of our live broadcasts again!

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