Driving holiday sales across networks at Advertising Studio Live

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29 Oct, 2019

For retail and e-commerce businesses everywhere, the holidays, from Black Friday through Christmas, represent a key sales period. The last two months of the year are responsible for as much as 40% of yearly sales for small and mid-sized retailers. And the holiday rush is in full swing: as of now, one quarter of consumers have already begun their holiday shopping!

IMG_20191010_151857Earlier this month, we hosted Advertising Studio Live—an event to help businesses drive sales with online ads across networks and get the most out of the holiday season. With speakers from Google, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest, and TikTok, attendees learned all about end-of-year trends, available ad formats, best practices, and other keys to holiday retail advertising success.  

Watch the video recap of the event:

By bringing together many different actors, Advertising Studio Live provided a full picture of advertising opportunities across networks. According to Maël Barthelemy, Tech Strategic Partnership Manager at Google, “What I enjoyed most about today was the ability of MakeMeReach to bring together different actors from different sectors of diverse industries, as well as different networks, because ultimately the buyer will always be moving from one to the other.” 

Anticipation is key

One of the main takeaways from Advertising Studio Live was that timing and anticipation are everything when it comes to advertising around the holiday season. 

“If I have one tip for advertisers for Black Friday, it’s really to anticipate this event like a big launch, to tease it out. Users are already talking about Black Friday on Twitter, so you have to get them involved now and make a big move on D-Day. Then, right up until Christmas, keep the momentum strong to be sure to make a maximum number of sales,” said Gaëlle Pasteur, Head of Strategy & Operations at Twitter

And according to Gregory Blay-Desforges, Partner Manager Retail at Pinterest, “The big advice for today’s retailers is to anticipate. The goal is no longer to just be present at the last moment, when the purchase will take place. It is to have anticipated the needs of the customer and to be present with them throughout the year, throughout their project, to then be top of mind at the time of purchase.”  

Check out the video above for more key takeaways from the Advertising Studio Live speakers. 

Need some help for your end-of-year ads?

managed service 2At this crucial time of the year, making sure everything from your technical set-up to actually running your ads is done right can be overwhelming. If you feel like you’re behind, or just need a little extra support to make sure your Black Friday and holiday ads are the best they can be, the MakeMeReach Managed Service team is here to help! 

Our team of experts can manage all aspects of your online advertising campaigns:

  • Technical set-up (pixels, integration of offline data, and more)
  • Campaign strategy (targeting, etc.)
  • Campaign set-up and management
  • Campaign optimization
  • Reporting on your campaigns

The best part is that we offer flexible engagements, so you can choose our services for a set period of time to get you through the seasonal rush. 

Get in touch today to learn more about our Managed Service offer.

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