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Want to Win Facebook's Ad Auction?

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11 Dec, 2017

You’ve chosen your ad format. You’ve played around with creatives, colours, text and CTAs. You’ve told your brand story. Now you need to fight for a prized position on the Facebook News Feed.

According to Facebook, when they’re choosing which ads to push they try to balance two things:

  • To create value for advertisers by helping them reach and get results from people in their target audiences

  • To provide positive, relevant experiences for people using the Facebook family apps and services.




The way they do this is by holding an auction in which both interests are represented.

Every Time someone is eligible to see an ad, an auction takes place. The participants in the auction are the ads which are targeted to an audience that the eligible person is part of. Facebook’s delivery system maximises results for each ad opportunity across tens of billions of auctions every day.

Unlike classic auctions where the winner is the highest monetary bidder, the winner of Facebook’s auction is the ad that creates the most overall value. In this way, advertisers can reach prospective customers and the users are seeing ads for things they’re actually interested in.

The winning ad, the one with the highest total value is a combination of 3 major factors.

  1. The Advertiser bid -You can choose how much you value the result of your ad set or you can leave it up to Facebook’s automatic bidding system. While it’s recommended to bid your true value or higher to get the best results, it can often be difficult to determine the true value of your ad set. Our team have expert knowledge on the best bid to choose to suit your objective during different times of the year, for example periods of increased competition like the holiday season. Thanks to MakeMeReach’s cutting edge platform, you can choose to optimize your ads rather than just your ad sets.
  2. Estimated Action Rates - Every ad set is optimized for a particular action. Targeting your ad to someone who’s purchased frequently from your website before will most likely generate a different action than from targeting someone from your Lookalike Audience. Estimated action rates allow Facebook to differentiate between ads relevant to someone’s interests or ads likely to cause them to take the action you’re optimizing for.
  3. Ad Quality and Relevance- Facebook determines how interested they think a specific person will be in seeing your ad, with regards to its quality and relevance to that person. If your ad has received lots of negative feedback (for example criticism in the comments section), your total value will decrease. If the person frequently engages with your content then your total value can increase.


How does Facebook choose the winner?

When an auction takes place, Facebook standardizes the Advertiser bid, Estimated Action Rate and Ad quality and Relevance for different optimization goals and then combines them to create a total value. The ad with the highest total value thus wins and gets shown on the News Feed. This indicates that a relevant, high quality ad can actually beat a lower quality ad that has a higher advertiser bid.


MakeMeReach’s team of experts work on getting your ad the best possible feedback by advising your team on the best performing creatives relevant to your objectives. We choose the audience featuring the potential customers most likely to convert to increase your ad set’s total value. Your relevance score estimates how well your ad is being acknowledged by your audience. Your relevance score is based on the content within your ad and to whom your ad is delivered, i.e. the specific audience. It’s important to note that your relevance score is a relevant metric, meaning it only measures how relevant your ad is compared to other ads targeting the same audience. The MakeMeReach platform offers a notification alerting you of your relevance score so you know when you need to focus on improving your ad performance to increase the number.

How to boost your relevance score?

It’s important to note that your relevance score number is not factored into how Facebook’s delivery system actually handles your ad. Therefore, you should focus your attention on making your targeting more relevant and improving your creative; actions that can improve ad performance. The better your ad is performing, the better your relevance score will be. At MakeMeReach, our team of experts recommend our clients focus on the quality of their ad to boost their ad's performance. It's important to note that Facebook has just begun to demote individual posts from people and Pages that use "engagement bait". Facebook will roll out this Page-level demotion over the course of several weeks to give publishers time to adapt and avoid inadvertently using engagement bait in their posts. At MakeMeReach we intend to help you boost your ad's engagement in new and innovative ways without relying on this "bait". 

To Conclude…

Trying to get your ad delivered by Facebook can seem overwhelming. Deciding how much to bid on your adset, and who to target your particular ad to can be difficult to determine. Thanks to MakeMeReach’s team of experts and our intuitive tool, we help our clients create high quality, relevant ads that repeatedly get pushed by Facebook.


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