Introducing Facebook trip consideration

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6 Mar, 2018

Picture this: it’s a cold, rainy Monday morning in the dead of winter. You’re queuing up at the bus stop on your way to work with only one thing on your mind: “I NEED to book a holiday”. You know you want to spend a couple of weeks lying on the beach in the sun...but where?

Facebook has just launched a new ads solution to help businesses in the travel and tourism sectors target consumers just like you, at that very stage in the buyer’s journey.

Introducing trip consideration - a new solution to expand the reach of travel audiences, part of the renamed “Facebook Travel Ads” suite. This suite of travel ad products is set to also incorporate dynamic ads for travel, which has already provided great returns for many advertisers in the travel and tourism sectors.

The launch of the Facebook Travel Ads suite means that Facebook is now able to offer a full-funnel solution for travel advertisers, with trip consideration filling the upper funnel ‘awareness’ stage and dynamic ads for travel driving consideration and purchase through the middle and lower funnel.

Here’s a look at an example of that funnel, and how each part of the Facebook Travel Ads suite plays a part:

Facebook Trip Consderation Funnel

Focusing again on the new trip consideration solution (now in beta), it helps expand the reach of travel audiences and enables Facebook advertisers to deliver static ad creative to people with travel intent. Advertisers can provide a specific creative to display, and Facebook will optimize ad delivery to people who expressed interest in travel, but have not yet selected a destination.

Advertisers can also use this solution with existing ads targeting. If you’re a company in the tourism sector already using a lookalike audience interested in travel, you can add this objective and creative to further improve your ad performance.

The major difference between this new solution and Dynamic Ads for Travel is that you don’t need to use catalog creative. Ad objectives currently supported with the Trip Consideration solution include traffic, app installs, lead generation and website conversions.

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