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Join us for our Summer Series LIVE

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9 Jul, 2019

Starting on 16 July, we're hosting a series of weekly Facebook LIVEs to help you get more from your digital advertising. Whether you're at the beach or still at work, join us for some light-hearted learning this July & August!

What is Summer Series LIVE?

liveInterested in using your summer to learn more about the latest trends in digital advertising? You're in luck! We're hosting a series of Facebook LIVEs starting on 16 July, featuring interviews with some great guests, to help you level-up your knowledge and have a bit of fun along the way!

The first live stream took place on 16 July and focused on practical advertising priorities for summer, as well as some of the latest news from the various ad networks we partner with. 

You can watch the full replay below.

Live streams will be continue every week from 16 July to 28 August on our Facebook Page. In order, each episode will focus on:

  • How to put together a cross-channel advertising strategy
  • Artificial Intelligence in online advertising: how MakeMeReach brings AI recommendations to your campaigns
  • Creatives at the heart of advertising performance
  • The modern digital agency: how agencies are changing and what it means for brands
  • Our top resources for ongoing ads training and knowledge
  • Major trends in online advertising for 2020 and beyond.

Don't miss it!

We are only able to schedule each episode 1 week in advance. To ensure you don't miss out, register with your email address and we'll send you:

  • An email every week with the date, time and a link for the next episode.
  • A summary blog post and replay of the previous episode.
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