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Influencer marketing & your Instagram advertising strategy

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12 Jun, 2019

Using influencers to promote products or services has been especially impactful for many brands on the highly visual platform that is Instagram. This type of promotion has become increasingly popular among brands, since many advertisers find that it works: one study reports that 80% of marketers found influencer campaigns to be effective, and influencers are expected to become a nearly $2 billion market this year.  

Recently, Instagram has been introducing tools for marketers to better leverage influencer content. Read on to learn about what features Instagram has introduced to help you.

Branded Content on Instagram

As influencers have become a key part of the marketing strategies of more and more brands, Instagram has introduced new features in response.

expansion of Branded content label

In 2017, Instagram launched “Branded Content,” letting certain users indicate when one of their posts was sponsored by a brand. The Branded Content label has now been expanded to all Instagram users, meaning brands can work with exactly the people who are best suited for their marketing goals.

branded content ad

Branded content ads

Even if branded content is an effective type of advertising for many brands, it comes with drawbacks. Most notably, brands had been unable to promote the content posted by influencers, limiting its reach: only the influencers’ followers would see their sponsored posts.

Just this month, Instagram announced Branded Content Ads in response to this problem. These ads will let brands use influencer content so they can target more (and more specific) audiences, adding even more value to influencer posts.

product tagsProduct tags for creators

Product tags let users see product information and prices directly in a post or story, and click through to a website or app to purchase the item. Previously only available to business accounts, Instagram recently announced that its product tags would become available to influencers. Currently in beta and only available to a select number of creators, this feature will be a great new way for brands to work with influencers to drive customers towards purchase.

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