Light Up Black Friday with MakeMeReach

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14 Nov, 2017

Black Friday, the ultimate shopping showdown is on the horizon, and here at MakeMeReach we want to help you touch the sky.

As a leader in Social Ads  management we've developed an in depth guide for advertisers on how best to approach the Black Friday weekend. This ebook explains how to efficiently create, run and optimize your Black Friday social ad campaigns with tips and tricks from our experts on how to get the most out of your social ads investment. mmr_blog_blackfriday_banner-2.jpg

With everyone fighting for the same prized space on the Newsfeed, CPM is expected to jump 50% , making it the toughest competition of the year for e-commerce.

However, don't be put off by the expense and the stats. With the right guidance and tools, you can reap hefty rewards from Black Friday and end the quarter out of the "black".

We recommend that you:

  • Start your lead generation campaigns early enough to feed your custom audiences at least a week before Black Friday
  • Employ a range of innovative creatives specific to mobile shopping
  • Push your higher discounts to the prospects most likely to buy
  • Continue to retarget when the sun sets on Cyber Monday, in preparation for the upcoming holiday sales.

Sounds like a lot to grasp? Thanks to MakeMeReach’s intuitive technology and simplified creation flow, we help you to choose and create the best format for your Black Friday campaigns, saving you time and optimizing your results.

Download our comprehensive ebook now for an in-depth explanation on he key steps to nailing Black Friday.

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Need an in-depth explanation on the key steps to nailing Black Friday? Downlaod the complete ebook

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