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6 Aug, 2019 is a European civic tech organization whose mission is to mobilize citizens to positively transform society.

weeuropeansAhead of the European Parliamentary elections in May 2019, launched the non-partisan We Europeans project to engage with EU citizens around the question of, “How can we reinvent Europe?” They reached out to citizens of 26 countries in the EU to hear their ideas about Europe’s future and to allow them to vote on other citizens’ solutions. The ten most popular proposals would be submitted directly to political parties and civil society organizations.


Learn more about the We Europeans project in the video above, and read the full case study by clicking the button below:

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Working across networks to reach a broad audience

To launch their campaign, turned to the MakeMeReach Managed Service team to run an integrated campaign across Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. They leveraged the strength of each of these networks to capture a maximum number of conversions across Europe, testing new ad formats along the way.

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Navigating political ads

Screenshot 2019-08-06 at 14.52.41As social networks have imposed more regulations on political ads in the EU, running this type of campaign has become trickier, but MakeMeReach was there to guide through the entire process. To make sure the We Europeans campaigns ran smoothly, MakeMeReach was in contact with representatives from each network to ensure there would be no blockers.

The results

The results of the campaign exceeded’s expectations all around. With the ability to track performance and optimize ads across networks in real time on MakeMeReach, were able to reach people at a lower cost: their CPA was 50% lower than the average goal they set.

Thanks to their solid cross-channel strategy, succeeded in reaching 38 million Europeans, with 1.7 million of them participating directly in the consultation. They received 30,000 proposals throughout their campaign, far exceeding their initial goal of 19,000 proposals. These proposals received a total of 11.3 million votes. Over 200 political parties took a position on the 10 final proposals they submitted.Make-org results

Our client's thoughts

axel-dauchez-2“Working with the MakeMeReach team and using their platform has been key to set up, deliver and optimize campaigns in 26 countries simultaneously. We have been able to test various creatives very easily and quickly eliminate the lesser performing ones to always focus on decreasing our CPA. The tool is also very powerful to analyze results and deliver new insights on performances." —Axel Dauchez, CEO @ 

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