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MakeMeReach in 2018: A year in review

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16 Jan, 2019

2018 was a big year here at MakeMeReach. And while our focus has well and truly shifted to making 2019 even better, there's always time to look back on reflect on a few highlights from a year of growth and success.

While the below is not an exhaustive list, or in order of when they happened in 2018, here are some of the key highlights:

Our Google Premier Partnership

Google PartnerIf you haven't already heard, we became a Google Premier Partner in 2018! We announced our vision to build a game-changing solution that will enable all advertisers worldwide to optimize their campaigns across social, search and display - at the same time, in real-time.

Adding Google to our already world-leading social ads platform, means MakeMeReach clients will be empowered to see and leverage the whole customer journey in one single platform.

Check out our vision for 3D online advertising in the video below.

Stories grow in importance

In 2018, we saw Stories continue to grow in importance across a number of social networks including Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. 

Originally pioneered by Snapchat, and made mainstream by Instagram, Stories have also garnered huge usage on Facebook and Whatsapp and are popping up on more and more networks every day. YouTube now has a version of Stories, Airbnb has travel stories and LinkedIn is moving towards this format too.

MMR_blog_SocialLab-Vans_VIDEOOn a Q1 2018 earnings call, Mark Zuckerberg noted: “Stories are on track to overtake posts in News Feed as the most common way that people share across all social apps”. That being the case, ads within the stories format across social are growing in importance for advertisers. But, as with any online advertising, the more competition, the harder it can be to stand out and drive the results you’re really after.  

In 2018, we continued to lead the way in Stories ads, following our Instagram Partner Innovation Award for Stories ads in 2017. Successful stories ads campaigns with Glovo, Vans and BUX are just three examples in a multitude of others from 2018.

MMR_LandingPage_STORIESWe also published our 'StoryBook' in 2018, and had great feedback from clients. This eBook provides background and context to the rise in popularity of Stories, and gives an overview (with examples) of different advertising options available in stories across networks.

You can download the eBook here.

Facebook Playable ads

In 2018, Facebook announced the launch of playable ads - an interactive ad format allowing users to engage in feed with the experience of an app or game, before clicking through to download it.

audible 2Facebook tests showed that playable ads allowed mobile app install advertisers to acquire higher value users, which in turn helps the advertiser see higher return in advertising spend.

And this was certainly the case for our client Audible France, who ran an initial playable ads campaign through the MakeMeReach platform in 2018.

The Audible France success story (8)The conversion rate between app install and purchase is the metric that Audible France most care about, and they were happy to see Playable ads contribute to improving it. In fact, compared to their average conversion rate of 5.32% for classic Facebook Video ads, in the Playable ads test 6.15% of app downloaders went on to make an in-app purchase. 

Added to that improvement, Audible France was also impressed to see a 16% lower Cost per Purchase (CPP) for the Playable ads test, compared to the initial objective they had set for the campaign.

Here at MakeMeReach, we see playable ads as a major step from Facebook towards interactivity in advertising - a really positive step!

You can read the full success story here

Our team grew

In 2018, we saw our team grow with 26 new people joining during the year! From our Tech team, to our Client Services, Sales and Marketing teams, we added a bunch of great people who are helping take MakeMeReach forward.


A few months back, some of our new joiners shared what they were enjoying so far about working at MakeMeReach. Read up on their thoughts here


IMG_20180620_121537-251282-editedIn 2018, we sponsored and attended a bunch of advertising and marketing events around the world! At Mobile World Congress back in February we got the lowdown on the what 5G is set to bring to consumers and the world of social media. At Cannes Lions in June our CEO, Pierre-Lou Dominjon featured in a success story video with our client Social.Lab, and we got inspired by the winner of the Social & Influencer Lions Grand Prix Award.

Then, other highlights included co-hosting a retail-centric workshop with Snapchat in their Paris offices, presenting live on stage at Advertising Week New York and the Facebook Marketing Partner Summit (also in the Big Apple), and featuring as a major sponsor of Lengow Day 2018.

Image from iOS (15)

Pierre-Lou Dominjon, CEO MakeMeMeReach (pictured right) and Philippe Torloting (Global COO, Socialyse) present together 
on co-creation at the 2018 Global Facebook Partner Summit in New York.


eBooks & other resources

In 2018, we ramped up our focus on content, and produced a number of eBooks and guides to help you get more out of your online advertising. The aim of these eBooks is to bring you value and insight in your day-to-day role, whether you're a campaign manager running and optimizing ad campaigns yourself, or a Head of Marketing who just wants an overview!

Here is a list of eBooks published in 2018. If you missed any, click the links and have a read today:

PixelGuideThe Complete Guide to the Facebook Pixel (published February 2018). The Facebook Pixel is an analytics tool to help you measure the effectiveness of your advertising, by understanding the actions people take on your website. This eBook walks you through the steps to creating your own Facebook Pixel, setting it up and ensuring you're getting the most out of it. 


MMR_LandingPage_AI-Social-MediaThe Complete Guide to AI and Social Media (published April 2018). Marketing has now entered the ‘conversational’ age. New AI-powered technologies are making it possible for brands to communicate with consumers on an almost individual basis. This eBook details how Artificial Intelligence is impacting social media.


MMR_LandingPage_Summer-SalesSummer Sales: The Ultimate Guide to a Successful Social Ads Campaign (published May 2018). Competition during the sales season is fierce. This eBook guides you through different advertising options and why the summer sales are important for retailers.


MMR_LandingPage__FB-AD-BIDDINGThe Ultimate Guide to Facebook and Instagram Ad Bidding (published June 2018). This guide takes you through what you need to know about bidding. From explaining the Facebook auction, to detailing different bid types and strategies, this is your one-stop-shop resource to getting your bids right!


insta guideThe Ultimate Guide to Advertising on Instagram (published August 2018). Instagram’s user base has grown dramatically since the platform’s creation in 2010. To answer the common questions we hear from social advertisers every day, we've updated our Ultimate Guide to Advertising on Instagram.


MMR_LandingPage_GEN-ZReaching Gen Z Audiences on Social Media: The Ultimate Guide (published Setptember 2018). This guide gives you the insight and analysis you need to start effectively reaching Gen Z in your social advertising campaigns.


MMR_LandingPage_BLACK-FRIDAYThe Complete Guide to Black Friday Advertising (published October 2018). This eBook will give you a step-by-step approach to setting up and optimizing your advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, around the big Black Friday sales events.


MMR_LandingPage_STORIESThe StoryBook: The Ultimate Guide to Stories in Social Media (published October 2018). In this eBook we cover the Stories format across social networks - how it has taken off as a sharing format and what the different advertising options are.


MMR_LandingPage_RETAIL-AD-FORMATSThe Quick-Flip Guide to Online Advertising in Retail (published November 2018). To give retailers a running start, or help them take their online advertising to the next level, we put together this eBook. Across Facebook, Instagram, Google, Snapchat and Twitter, this eBook has the information you need to succeed!


MMR_LandingPage_CHRISTMAS2018The Ultimate Guide to Online Advertising Joy at Christmas (published November 2018). The eBook is a step-by-step guide to ensuring your online advertising is the best it can be around Christmas! 


MMR_LandingPage_ONLINE-AD-UNITEDThe Ultimate Guide to United Online Advertising (published December 2018). It’s time to view your online advertising activity as a whole! And that’s the purpose of this eBook - to invite you into a new way of looking at your advertising online, and give you practical strategies to unifying your campaigns for better results.

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