MakeMeReach partners with CREADS to boost creative performances

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6 Nov, 2019

Studies prove it again and again: great creative is a key component to high-performing ads. According to the Google Media Lab, approximately 70% of success of a brand campaign is driven by the creative. Another study shows that creative quality is four times more important than the media plan in driving sales. And high-quality creative increases ad viewing time by six and nearly doubles purchase intent when compared to low-quality creative.

creads logoTo help advertisers respond to the need for creatives that make an impact, MakeMeReach has partnered with CREADS, an innovative solution to produce creative content. When combined with the powerful optimization and reporting tools on MakeMeReach, this partnership offers advertisers an effective solution to boost creative performance. 

Creative challenges for today’s advertisers

Creatives are what tell your brand’s story. They help you establish an emotional connection with your audiences, creating an impact that makes them remember who you are and what your brand stands for. But with channels that are increasingly saturated with ads, standing out from the crowd can be a challenge: it takes a lot of knowledge and skill to come up with the perfect creative. 

tailored_made (1)There are also an increasing number of advertising channels to choose from. And if this multitude of channels offer unparalleled opportunities to reach exactly the right audiences at the right time, each network also comes with its own specificities. This means your ad creatives need to be adapted accordingly, and even with an amazing creative concept, it can take a lot of time and effort to design great ad creatives across each and every channel.

Introducing CREADS: an expert solution for your ad creatives

Founded in 2008, CREADS produces creative content—graphic, video, and written—through a community of specialized freelancers. Each freelancer is carefully selected by CREADS, which takes the time to understand their fields of expertise and experience level to best match them to the projects clients have set out to accomplish. All exchanges around these creative projects happen on a collaborative interface developed by CREADS. 

To help you come up with great creatives that drive conversions across networks, MakeMeReach has partnered with CREADS. It’s your hub for finding exactly the right professional for your project: ad images, promotional videos, ad copy, and more. And to serve you even better, CREADS has been integrated directly onto the MakeMeReach platform. 

Sebastien FernandesWe chose to partner with CREADS because of their expertise and deep understanding of digital marketing today. “Each network has its codes, its processes and its best practices,” explains Sébastien Fernandes, Commercial & Production Director at CREADS. “Formats, dimensions, percentage of text, wording, CTA placement, choice of visuals… the criteria for a great online ad are numerous and ever evolving. It is also essential to contextualize purchase intention on each social network to create the right ad. On Facebook, for example, clients are more likely to click if they already know the brand. On the other hand, 97% of Pinterest searches are unbranded. This explains why shopping is more impulsive than on Pinterest. And in the end, these limitations actually drive creativity.”

Thanks to our exclusive partnership offer, MakeMeReach clients have access to the platform’s creative experts who can produce precisely the ad creatives you need, no matter the network. And when combined with the powerful targeting, automation, and reporting available in the MakeMeReach platform, our partnership offers the perfect combination of creative and performance.

Direct access to CREADS on MakeMeReach

partnershipWith CREADS now directly accessible on the MakeMeReach platform, the creative process is even simpler. Clients will be able to manage their creative requests directly on the platform and see their colleagues’ requests. Clients also benefit from a special pricing plan through CREADS’ partnership with MakeMeReach.

Learn more about our partnership with CREADS and try it out on MakeMeReach.

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