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MakeMeReach and Fastory: helping our clients take Stories ads up a gear!

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3 Jan, 2019

Here at MakeMeReach, we’re a big fan of Stories. As a format they’ve changed social media, providing a way for people to share snapshots of their life in a quick, ephemeral and fun way.

Only the beginning for Stories

Glovo Instagram Stories adsAnd we believe it's still just the beginning for Stories. Originally pioneered by Snapchat, and made mainstream by Instagram, they’ve also garnered huge usage on Facebook and Whatsapp and are popping on up more and more networks every day. YouTube now has a version of Stories, Airbnb has travel stories and LinkedIn is moving towards this format too.

On a Q1 2018 earnings call, Mark Zuckerberg noted: “Stories are on track to overtake posts in News Feed as the most common way that people share across all social apps”. That being the case, ads within the stories format across social are growing in importance for advertisers. But, as with any online advertising, the more competition, the harder it can be to stand out and drive the results you’re really after.  

MakeMeReach partners with Fastory

fastory_logoA strong Instagram Stories ad, for example, is one with a compelling creative. The full-screen and immersive nature of the format means advertisers have the opportunity to arrest the user’s attention, and drive action from there. The problem is that creating consistently strong creative can take a lot of time and sustained effort.

To ensure our clients make the most of the ‘Stories Revolution’ we’ve partnered with Fastory. Fastory provides a suite of tools enabling users to craft quality content at scale, with no tech skills required. Thanks to our partnership, MakeMeReach clients will have the ability to easily create vertical story ads in a matter of minutes, importing existing assets and selecting from a catalog of branded overlays.

Fastory Screenshot

Our new partnership with Fastory means MakeMeReach clients will have the ability to build the right creative assets from thousands of possibilities, each tailored to their brand.

Combined with the powerful targeting, automation and reporting available in the MakeMeReach platform, this partnership means our clients now have access to the perfect mix of creative and performance.

Fastory Screenshot

Sound like what you need?

Interested in taking your Stories ad performances to the next level? Contact us to find out more about our exclusive offer for MakeMeReach clients.

Find out more about our exlusive offer with Fastory Click here to contact us

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