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MakeMeReach team lends a helping hand

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14 Jun, 2018

Team spirit is important to us here at MakeMeReach, and it’s at its best when we can put it to work helping our community! Today our team had the opportunity to give a little back by providing practical help at a foster home for children and teenagers in Paris’ 19th arrondissement. 

MakeMeReachThe day was spent painting, decorating and gardening, as well as getting the opportunity to learn about the amazing services provided by MECS (Maison d'enfants à caractère social).

MECS are homes set up to take temporary care of minors in difficulty. Children either stay full-time at the home, receiving schooling there, or the homes can also operate as a base from which children are educated or receive professional training elsewhere. MECS centers provide children in need with a safe place in cases where domestic violence, parents’ psychological issues, alcoholism, drug addiction, serious family conflicts or other problems mean they can no longer stay at home.

MakeMeReach solidarity day

Our team also had the opportunity to enjoy afternoon tea with the children in the home, getting to have a laugh together and hear their stories of living in the home.

berengere“It was such a pleasure for our team to be able to spend a day practically helping our community. MECS centers do amazing work, and I know I speak for the whole team when I say that we believe in the importance of giving back and helping people in need” - Bérengère Cochet, Office & Happiness Manager, MakeMeReach.
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