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Meet Anne, PR & Events Manager at MakeMeReach

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3 Apr, 2018


Anne enjoys working at MakeMeReach so much that this is actually her second stint at the company! As our PR & Events Manager, Anne is an asset to the team. Apart from her excellent input into our Friday music playlists and great Slack banter, Anne is a real team player who gets stuck in and does what needs to be done for the team to see success.

The early days

When Anne first arrived at MakeMeReach in 2010, her work looked a little different than it does now. “At that time the team was small, so everyone did a bit of everything”. Anne’s first role was similar to that of our Account Managers today, and included running Facebook advertising campaigns for our clients.

anne early days

These days Anne’s primary responsibilities include PR and events. Announcing our partnership with Snapchat last year was one of her major projects, and involved a number of different elements. Anne put together the press release which led to over 500 articles in in the worldwide press, and also ran a survey of Snapchat users to understand their behaviour around the platform and their feelings towards ads. On top of that she organised a competition for our clients, giving them the chance to win a pair of Snapchat spectacles and sent personalized goodie boxes full of Snapchat swag!

That’s just one example of the kinds of big campaigns Anne regularly puts together. She also manages the regular workshops we hold for clients and prospects throughout the year, including our most recent one on the way AI is changing and empowering Facebook. These workshops are generally co-hosted with one of our partners, whether it be Facebook, Snapchat or Twitter.



What do you love about MakeMeReach?

“It might sound cliché, but it's all about the people. They are more than colleagues and the Managers are more than just bosses - they’re good friends”, says Anne. She especially loves the sense of community that goes with working here at MakeMeReach - from regular team activities like Kangoo Jump, rock climbing and dinners, to an annual company offsite, Anne notes how easy it is to feel part of the crew from day one.



Growing with the company

Since joining MakeMeReach, Anne feels that her career has grown alongside the company. Part of that is the willingness of the top management to give new and innovative ideas a go. “Having studied communications, I enjoy the creative element of my work and seeing an quirky idea come into reality. The culture at MakeMeReach is one where new ideas are celebrated and there are opportunities to do ‘cool stuff’. It’s not a bare-minimum mindset. If we commit to doing something we do it well, and I love that”.

anne journal

Anne has had the opportunity to change roles at MakeMeReach, and has found her
passion for PR and Events!


The events guru

An example of that kind of ‘cool stuff’ was the Winter Storm-themed Christmas party of 2017. Anne planned the event from A-to-Z, and loved hearing positive feedback from many of the 200 clients and contacts who came along. From the venue, to the décor, to the invitations and follow up, Anne is a pro at putting together the kind of experience that makes our clients feel 'Wow-ed'. She was even able to convince Mother Nature to make it snow on the night too, which fitted-in rather nicely with the Winter Storm theme!

Winter Storm 2017

It was a pleasure to celebrate with some of our talented partners last week at Chalet des Iles! 🏠 We ended this year with a bang🎆 and we can't wait to see what 2018 holds for MakeMeReach!🥂🔮

Posted by MakeMeReach on Friday, 8 December 2017



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