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Meet Axel, Lead Developer at MakeMeReach

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29 Oct, 2018

Axel has spent a few years at MakeMeReach already, and has grown his career with the company. He now leads a team of four developers, as part of the wider tech team here at MakeMeReach, and gets a buzz out of building new features that solve customer pain points.

His role

We sat down with Axel to get more insight on his role, and some of his thoughts on what he enjoys about being part of the MakeMeReach team


I'm a Lead Developer, which means I head up a team of four other developers working on the campaign creation functionality in our platform. I work with my team to prepare the tasks we have coming up, giving them a clear idea of what needs to be built and how we should do it. As part of this day-to-day, I enjoy being able to collaborate with people from all the different teams we have here - taking ideas from each on how a new feature needs to work, and then making it a reality. 

The MakeMeReach Tech Team

Q: And how would you describe the tech team at MakeMeReach?

complementarityThe word that comes to mind is "invested". Each team and sub-team has a part of the puzzle that they 'own', and this means we take real pride in it. For us that 'part of the puzzle' is the whole campaign creation process, and we work to ensure it's a great experience for users. It's always satisfying getting feedback from our customers that they enjoy working on the platform - it keeps us motivated to continue creating a product that makes peoples' work easier.

Q: as a developer, why is it interesting being part of this team?

As I said, we get a real buzz from working on an online ad tech platform that our customers enjoy using. As a developer, you can see that the work your doing day-to-day on new features and refinements is being used and enjoyed by our clients. Hearing their needs and pain points, and then developing new features based on those, is a big focus of what we do - and it means we feel connected to the end user. 

axel photo

Axel, Antoine and Pierre-Louis, members of the MakeMeReach
Tech team, at our Winter Storm Christmas party 2017.

Being part of the MakeMeReach tech team is also, in my opinion, interesting no matter what experience level you have. I enjoy working with the interns we regularly have with us for a few months at a time, passing on knowledge and even having them share their own ideas with us. Interns here get to do interesting, customer-facing work from the beginning. Thinking about a couple of young interns who joined us within the last few months - within 5 days they were already working on code that was destined to be part of our platform. As an intern you just don't get opportunities like that everywhere, 

Q: What are you best memories or achievements at Makemereach so far?

One particular feature our team worked hard on, which was based on a specific pain point for one of our clients, was the Franchise Feature. Our global agency client, Socialyse, had a number of their retail clients who wanted to be able to split the budget of a single Facebook ad campaign across their various stores. The Facebook algorithm only splits the budget of a campaign between stores based on the performance of the ads themselves, and not the strategic importance of each store for the retail business. So we developed a feature that saves retailers a lot of time, by allowing them to split the budget of one Facebook ad campaign across their many stores, in just 1 click. 

Seeing our clients so satisfied with the new feature was a real buzz for our team. Being able to understand the challenge of the client, and build a feature to solve their pain, is something I really enjoy.

Q: Finally, what do you like about working here?

It's a really dynamic environment. There is lots of exchange and communication between teams and people of different backgrounds, which provides different perspectives and helps us build well-rounded features. The separate teams sit close together and we are always talking and bouncing ideas off each other. 

Like the sound of working at MakeMeReach?

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