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Meet Christopher, Customer Success Manager here at MakeMeReach

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23 Jan, 2018

We sat down with Christopher Chauve over a coffee, to get an insight into the life of a Customer Success Manager here at MakeMeReach.

christopher-1.jpgHey Christopher, thanks so much for meeting with us! So as a Customer Success Manager what does your daily role consist of?

Hey! I work equally between the Customer Success team and Technical Support, working with Facebook to correct issues and solving tickets from our clients.


That sounds like a lot to fix! What do you mean by tickets?

So tickets are the emails our clients send the Customer Success team about issues they have with features on the platform. If the problems are complex, they get passed on to Technical Support and I work between the two, finding the root cause of the issues and solving them.


So what would you say is the most difficult part of your job then? Solving really complex issues?

Of course it takes time to work out the cause of certain issues but I would say the most difficult part of my role is actually the reply time. By that I mean, relying on other people to come back to you with new information. During super busy weeks, like the run up to Black Friday, we are put under huge pressure from our clients and everyone is relying on another person. (The Technical Team needs the information from Customer Success and they need the Technical Team to quickly fix the issues). You need a strong and trustworthy team which luckily we have here at MakeMeReach!


We totally agree. Teamwork is one of the most important factors in building a successful business. So now we have a few questions about you and how you ended up at MakeMeReach. To begin, where are you from originally?

Actually just outside of Paris!


Oh wow so you must know Paris like the back of your hand by now?

Yep! One of my favourite areas is actually where the office is! We’re surrounded by so many great shops and places to eat, there’s so much to see...And buy!


Yes! It can be dangerous at lunch when you go for a browse and end up coming back to the office laden with shopping bags! So what other parts of Paris do you love?

I really like around Châtelet. There are some great bars and there’s a really buzzy atmosphere in the evenings!


So did you study in Paris too?

No I actually didn’t go to university but started working fresh out of school at 19. I always liked gadgets and gaming and my first job was actually a member of the Tech team at Renault!


Wow that’s an impressive first job! How did you find the change from such a big company to MakeMeReach, a start-up?

I actually have experience working in start-ups as I worked in Dictao, a mini company that created security products. I really liked the atmosphere of working in a start-up, where everyone talks to everyone and you really get to know the whole company! After Dictao was bought by Safran, a huge aircraft engineering company I realised I really missed that start-up feeling!


So how did you find your position at MakeMeReach?

It was actually Clément, head of Client Services who reached out to me over a year and a half ago. They needed someone to join Nicolas, now Product Manager, who was working on his own on the technical side. There was no proper technical support team back then, it was just the two of us solving issues! Now of course the team has grown massively and we have processes and tools to fix the issues… It’s very different!


And what do you like most about working here?

The people for sure! Despite how much the company has grown, there’s still a real start-up spirit! I really like the way everyone is treated equally, you don’t really get that sense of hierarchy like in mega companies. It’s great to be able to get to know people working in different departments and find out what they’re working on! It creates a good working team spirit and everyone helps everyone out!

Image uploaded from iOS (7).jpgThe team doing some post-lunch, midweek yoga!


We couldn’t agree more! Ok Christopher, to conclude we want to hear five random facts about you! Ready, Steady, Go!


  1. Hmm, ok well my favourite food is definitely pizza! Pizza Tartiflette to be exact! A merge of the best Italian and French cuisines in my opinion!
  2. My favourite thing to do is gaming. I love Twitch which is a live streaming video platform where you get to chat to other gamers. It creates a real sense of community which can sometimes be hard to find in the gaming industry.
  3. My favourite band is Avenged SevenFold. I love rock music.
  4. My favorite place in the world is Paris.
  5. I find the whole concept of social media incredibly exciting. The intantaenity of it, being able to check for live updates in seconds and ask for help with a guaranteed response in no time… It’s just so cool!
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