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MWC 2018: AI and the Future of Messaging

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8 Mar, 2018

Artificial Intelligence was a big theme at this year’s Mobile World Congress. “Of course it was”, I can hear you muttering under your breath - “when is AI ever NOT a major theme at a tech conference these days?”

And you’re right - AI is everywhere today and MWC was no exeption.

While we could dive into all the AI talking-points at this year’s MWC, we’ve decided to focus on just one pearl of wisdom we picked up.

Chatbots are ushering in the 'Future of Messaging'

AI-powered chatbots today are already giving brands the ability to market and speak to an audience of one, tailoring and personalizing experiences based on a specific user’s history, for example.

The range of messaging apps available these days have become so much more that simple tools for person-to-person communication. They’re now places where consumers interact with brands, from logging customer service requests, to finding quick answers to their questions and even buying stuff. Looking to the future, every single touchpoint a customer has with a brand could foreseeably take place through a messaging app, with that ‘conversational experience’ powered by AI-enabled chatbots.

With Messenger, Facebook knows this to be true. Messenger has evolved a lot in the last few years, with not too many updates being bigger than Messenger Broadcasts, announced in early March 2018. Broadcasts will give brands the ability to blast a message to anyone who has ever interacted with them on Messenger in the past, and is just one more way Facebook is allowing brands more value from the app.

Think about the value of Messenger for brands: while it takes a bit of commitment to download an app, interacting with a chatbot doesn’t require you to download anything. Just like chatting with a friend, you interact through messages back and forth and when you’ve got the value you were after, you move on with your day.

Our latest podcast episode

This was the very subject of our first ever ‘Interview Special’ episode on the MakeMeReach podcast, recorded at this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Our special guest for our inaugural interview was Beerud Sheth, Co-Founder and CEO of Gupshup. 

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Gupshup is an advanced chatbot and messaging platform which enables developers to quickly build, test, deploy and manage chatbots across all messaging channels.

Our conversation covered:

  • The difference between ‘simple’ and ‘smart’ messaging.
  • The use cases of chatbots today and into the future.
  • A vision for the future of messaging, and how chatbots will continue to change the way consumers engage with brands.
  • What AI-powered chatbots still can’t do.
  • Some key considerations before getting a chatbot for your business

Have a listen above and access the rest of our podcast episodes on our ‘Hello Social Ad-dicts’ podcast hub.

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