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'On the Couch with Joe and Reachy': Watch the Facebook Live

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9 May, 2018
At MakeMeReach, we’ve made it our mission to help social media experts like you to level up. With that in mind, every week we share some highlights and an analysis of the 5 biggest news stories in social media from the week before.

Joe (our content manager) and Reachy (our octopus) sit on a coach and chit-chat about social media. 

Watch the Live on Facebook every Monday at 4pm CET. 

Joe is our Content Marketing Manager here at MakeMeReach. Joe's a qualified marketer who believes in the power of quality content to start great conversations between consumers and brands.


He has developed a pretty strong relationship with Reachy.


reachygifReachy is our mascot. He is an octopus (just in case you didn't notice).

Why an octopus? Because it's one of the smartest animals in the world and because they can reach anything with their tentacles (and since we are named MakeMeReach... well, you got the point!). 


Joe and Reachy go live every Monday on Facebook.

They keep you updated with all the social media news, but most of all, they are hilarious.  

Tune in to get an informative and funny 20 minute social media update!

Refresh this page at 4pm CET on Monday or even better, follow us on Facebook and get a reminder!

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