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Create Product Awareness on Instagram with MakeMeReach

We recently worked with Social.Lab, one of MakeMeReach’s long standing partners, to help their client IKEA Belgium leverage Instagram Stories to better reach their audience.

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The Power of Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing, the buzz word in advertising in 2017, is a driving force for brands looking to improve sales and grow their audience through social media. Defined as the action of promoting and selling services through people who have the ability to reach and influence an audience, influencer marketing is a...

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Meet Christopher, Customer Success Manager here at MakeMeReach

We sat down with Christopher Chauve over a coffee, to get an insight into the life of a Customer Success Manager here at MakeMeReach.

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What We Think About Facebook's Changes to the News Feed

You’ve probably heard about Facebook’s recent announcement on major changes to the News Feed. In a nutshell, the change is about getting back to Facebook’s roots - that means you’ll soon be seeing your friends and families updates prioritized, at the expense of the screeds of engagement-bait ads and content that have...

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How Agencies Can Use the Automation Center to Efficiently Manage Client Budgets

At MakeMeReach we are constantly striving to create and incorporate innovative features on our platform, to help our clients run their advertising on social media in the most efficient ways possible.

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Social ad-dicts podcast

The first ever social ad tech news podcast!

Each week we digest the most important social ad media news and compile it into a concise podcast ready for your Tuesday morning commute.

Key Facebook Advertising Tips for your January Sales Campaigns

The annual January sales naturally increase the competition for ad space on our Newsfeeds. With such a short time frame available to actually set up and deliver your ads, it's crucial that you approach sales campaigns efficiently, keeping a close eye on ROAS

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Video: MakeMeReach Explained

Did you know that your work as a social ad expert could be much easier? We’re changing the way people run ads on social media, to help define the future of interactions between brands and people.

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Nab yourself a date this January

Following on from the success of our Advent-ising calendar we’ve developed a calendar with all the key dates you need to note for your social ads this January.

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