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4 tips for reaching a broad audience with Facebook Dynamic Ads

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9 Apr, 2019

Facebook Dynamic Ads (DA) is a revolutionary ad format for retail, e-commerce, travel, and automotive businesses—anyone with multiple products and categories of products to sell. DA takes the product catalog that you upload and leverages behavioral information about users to automatically determine which products should be featured in the ads they see in their feed.

DA is great for reaching customers quickly, efficiently, and at a greater scale. It’s powerful for reaching warm audiences, letting you retarget people who have taken an action on your website or app.

scalableBut one of the great things about Dynamic Ads is that they aren’t limited to just retargeting! They also present an opportunity to expand your audience beyond the users that have already entered your conversion funnel by visiting, browsing, or purchasing products on your website. By choosing a broad audience with DA, you have the opportunity to find new customers in addition to your identified audience.

This way, you leverage Facebook’s algorithm to find potential customers who have been browsing similar products online to those in your catalog. It’s a little like retargeting, but you reach people who haven’t necessarily been to your website. They are interested in products like yours, but don’t necessarily know your brand yet.

Finding new audiences by targeting a broad audience could turn out to be a cost-saving and efficient solution.

However, like anything in digital advertising, there are best practices. While there are a bunch of ways to get it wrong and waste your advertising investment, here are our tips for using broad targeting with Dynamic Ads:

  1. audience (3)Select your targeting options carefully. Targeting options like location and demographics are optimal for reaching broad audiences. On the other hand, it’s best to avoid options like lookalike audiences or detailed behavior: this can result in an overly narrow audience, leading to missed opportunities.
  2. Exclude strategically. It’s a good idea to exclude people who have recently made a purchase on your website (say, within the last 10 days). Recent customers are already aware of your offer, meaning they aren’t the right audience for broad targeting.
  3. Use large product sets. Include as many products as possible when targeting a broad audience. Advertising a large number of products can improve overall ad performance, giving Facebook’s algorithms room to find the best performing products.
  4. Retarget to drive conversions. If targeting broad audiences is a great way to reach new customers, it’s recommended to run retargeting ads at the same time. This way, your ads can keep targeting the new prospective customers who have entered your funnel.

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