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Advanced recommendation AI unlocks success for Fantom Agency

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4 Jun, 2019

Fantom Agency helps SaaS companies scale through paid advertising across networks like Google, Facebook, and more. Their expertise has helped both early-stage startups and big players alike grow their businesses.

Fantom is always looking for ways to improve the performance of client campaigns and deliver more value as a forward-thinking digital agency. With this in mind, they decided to add Captain Growth’s optimization AI to their toolkit.

logotypeCaptain Growth: powerful optimization AI

Captain Growth analyzes Facebook and Google campaign data and provides suggestions on what to do next. By identifying problems or positive trends to leverage, the algorithm empowers advertisers to intelligently optimize their ads like never before. From shifting budget between ad sets to changing creative, each insight is both explained and actionable, so users can implement suggestions in just a couple of clicks.

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Major benefits

save_timeSaving money and time

Captain Growth identified many opportunities for Fantom to save money on the campaigns they were running for clients. In the case of one Fantom client, using these recommendations, they decreased the cost per lead (CPL) from $170 to $30.

Captain Growth has also saved Fantom countless hours of work. Tasks that previously would have relied on hours of reporting, analysis and manual optimization were accomplished in just a few clicks.

ideaIdentifying opportunities

Fantom used Captain Growth to identify opportunities in their clients’ online ad campaigns. By analyzing the data, Captain Growth gives a full overview of available opportunities, along with the potential outcome. 


With just a few clicks, Fantom was able to increase bids on a specific time or day according to when their clients’ ads were performing best. 

Best practices

Captain Growth checks all ad settings and lets users know if something is missing or should be set up differently, so no detail goes overlooked.

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The client's thoughts 

Luis Camacho small“Sometimes I wish I could have one more person on the team to help oversee campaigns and ongoing optimization. Captain Growth acts just like an extra team member. It’s almost like there is always someone watching over your campaigns, every single minute of every single day.”- Luis Camacho, Founder


In March 2019 Captain Growth was acquired by the Perion Group, of which MakeMeReach is a member company.

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