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Stash Sees Results with Facebook Playable Ads

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4 Mar, 2019

Stash logoStash is a micro investing app helping millions of Americans learn about trading, saving, and investing right in the palm of their hands. Stash’s goal is to simplify investing so anyone can do it, and you can start investing with as little as $5.

Facebook playable ads

Starting off as an ad format dedicated to gaming clients, Facebook playable ads have proven effective for app install advertisers in a range of verticals. Providing a preview of the app directly in the Facebook news feed, results across the board suggest playable ads are a powerful solution from driving higher lifetime-value app installs.

Testing Facebook playable ads

Having heard about Facebook playable ads, and interested in giving them a try, Stash reached out to MakeMeReach. The client wanted to see whether this interactive ad experience in the Facebook news feed could help them take their app install performances up a notch. (1)Running alongside one other campaign, Stash rolled out an initial week-long test of playable ads. Using two different HTML5 creatives to test the impact of a slight variation in messaging, the experience provided a brief preview of the experience of navigating through the Stash app. The user could choose the stocks that interested them, and then was presented with a strong call-to-action to download the application from the app store.

The results

The initial test of Facebook playable ads was promising. Focusing on performance first, the cost-per-mobile-app-install (CPI) was 5% lower than the objective Stash set before the campaigns were launched. Added to that, the cost-per-click (CPC) on the playable ads campaign was close to 20% lower than the other Facebook campaign running at the same time, which leveraged a number of other Facebook and Instagram feed ad formats.

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The click-through-rate (CTR) was also double that of the other campaign, which shows that the playable ad creative succeeded in engaging and motivating users to more often click through to the app store.

stash graphic 1“We were happy with our initial test of Facebook playable ads, which showed promising results. This format has provided another option in our advertising strategy, and a way of showcasing our app to potential users, directly in the Facebook news feed.” - David Kobi, Senior Acquisition Marketing Manager, Stash

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