Summer Series LIVE: Artificial intelligence in digital advertising

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31 Jul, 2019

Artificial intelligence is changing digital advertising today in big ways, impacting everything from optimization to creative to measurement and more. 

We dove into the subject in the third episode of our Summer Series LIVE. MakeMeReach CMO Joe Sweeney was joined by our COO, Melissa Sanchot, to discuss how AI is changing the world of online ads, and to take a look at our very own AI recommendation engine. 

Watch the full replay above, and read a short summary of the Live below. 

How is AI changing digital advertising?

tailored_made (1)Artificial intelligence is changing the game when it comes to digital advertising. It's making it possible for marketers to understand consumers better than ever before, and use that knowledge to improve user experience by delivering more personalized and relevant messages. 

AI can also help you get more out of your advertising investment. Marketing runs on data, and the machines and algorithms we have today can process and leverage that data more quickly and efficiently than humans ever could by themselves. This in turn is changing the way we're able to optimize performance, create ads, and measure success. 

The MakeMeReach AI recommendation engine

Our own advanced AI recommendation engine helps optimize your online ads more efficiently than ever before. By ingesting campaign data, it produces actionable recommendations that will give your campaigns fresh success and level up performance in a single click. 

ideaHow does it work? The data from your Google and Facebook ad accounts (with other networks to be added soon) is processed through our data-agnostic AI algorithm. The algorithm then delivers specific recommendations on actions you can take to leverage good trends and reverse negative ones. The recommendations are totally transparent, so they're easy to understand and interpret, giving you the tools you need to make better decisions about your online ads. Watch the replay above to see how the recommendation engine works!

AI rec screen shots

Our eBook

Want to learn more about AI in digital advertising? We recently published an eBook on the subject. The guide is your resource to understand the impact of AI on online ads, and the tools you can leverage today to get more out of your ads. Download our eBook and learn:

  • MMR_LandingPage_AI-AND-DAWhat exactly we mean when we talk about Artificial Intelligence.
  • How AI can help advertisers respond to evolving customer expectations by delivering more personalized ad experiences & why it's important.
  • Where AI is integrated in advertising tools in social media and on Google.
  • The AI tools that are helping advertisers work smarter and improve performance through the entire advertising cycle: optimization, dynamic creative, measurement, and consumer & competitive intelligence.
  • How AI can be an asset in building a successful cross-network ads strategy.
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