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How voice assistants are changing online advertising

Voice assistants are increasingly becoming a staple in our our daily lives. Since Apple's Siri was introduced in 2011, others, like Google Assistant, have followed and voice recognition technology has significantly improved.

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Event Summary: Showcasing Google Reporting in MakeMeReach

Last week we organized a workshop with our partner Google to showcase our expanding ad tech solution and present some of our future vision. As a Google Premier Partner since 2018, the workshop was the opportunity to present the newly launched Google reporting now available on MakeMeReach, and to outline the roadmap of...

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Why use a Facebook Marketing Partner?

You may be using a Facebook Marketing Partner (or "FMP") without even realising they're part of an impressive ecosystem. Have a read of our blogpost, to understand the importance of Facebook Marketing Partners for managing your ad campaigns at scale, improving measurement, reaching new audiences or more.

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Come and meet us at VivaTechnology Paris!

VivaTech is a hub for the world’s innovators, tech-lovers and pioneers of the future. The event will take place this year from June, the 15th to the 17th in Paris. MakeMeReach will be participating in this 3 day rendezvous, educating visitors on our social ad tech solutions.

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