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Stash Sees Results with Facebook Playable Ads

Stash is a micro investing app helping millions of Americans learn about trading, saving, and investing right in the palm of their hands. Stash’s goal is to simplify investing so anyone can do it, and you can start investing with as little as $5.

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Success Story: Facebook Ads, the right path for Different Roads

In 2009 a team of enthusiastic travellers decided they wanted to make their passion for exploring the world a way of life. Different Roads, an online travel agency for discovering new destinations and meeting like minded people at an affordable price was thus born.

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The MakeMeReach story as told by its founders

In 2009, Pierre-François Chiron, a French engineer specialized in Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science, decided to leave his position as the Program Manager at Intercim (acquired by Dassault) to create MakeMeReach. He felt that Facebook was going to be huge and had the idea of developing and monetizing games...

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Generating leads at scale with Facebook Lead Ads

Lead Ads were introduced as a new campaign objective by Facebook in mid-2015. This new mobile-first format's aim was to drive better performance by reducing the inherent friction of traditional lead generation flows. Such performance gains have been made possible by allowing users to conveniently and...

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