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Drive customers to your store with Dynamic Ads for Retail

We know that the retail business is changing, and that online ads are becoming an essential tool to drive customers to stores. Facebook reports that 49% of in-store purchases are now influenced by online interactions. 

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MakeMeReach expands partnership to become Facebook Marketing Consultant

As a Facebook Marketing Consulting Partner, MakeMeReach is your resource to ensure you're ready to scale your Facebook ads campaigns! Being a badged Partner means we have been vetted by Facebook in our technical expertise and our proven ability to help clients set up optimal Facebook marketing.

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4 tips for reaching a broad audience with Facebook Dynamic Ads

Facebook Dynamic Ads (DA) is a revolutionary ad format for retail, e-commerce, travel, and automotive businesses—anyone with multiple products and categories of products to sell. DA takes the product catalog that you upload and leverages behavioral information about users to automatically determine which products...

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Introducing the complete guide to Dynamic Ads: 2019 edition

Facebook Dynamic Ads (DA) are a revolutionary ad product. The format allows advertisers to reach new customers and generate conversions from existing ones - faster, more efficiently and at a greater scale than ever before.

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Collection with Dynamic Ads on Facebook

At MakeMeReach, we're constantly coming up with innovative solutions to improve our clients' experience with our service and help them get the most out of their social ads  investment. We believe the future of interaction between brands and consumers is through social ads and we are continuously building new features,...

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Success Story: TAP reaches new heights thanks to Dynamic Ads For Travel

As the leading Portuguese airline, TAP is continuing to reach new heights. It has been awarded the World's Leading Airline to Africa and South America and Best European Airline for its brand excellence and quality of service. Credited internationally on social media, TAP is continuing to grow in the digital world....

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