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MakeMeReach expands partnership to become Facebook Marketing Consultant

As a Facebook Marketing Consulting Partner, MakeMeReach is your resource to ensure you're ready to scale your Facebook ads campaigns! Being a badged Partner means we have been vetted by Facebook in our technical expertise and our proven ability to help clients set up optimal...

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Why use the Facebook Pixel to Maximize your January Sales

The January sales are in full swing and we’re still adding last minute deals to our online baskets. As a leader in social ads management, MakeMeReach’s team of experts understand the challenges advertisers face when they try to bid for an ad slot on the Newsfeed. During this period of increased competition it is...

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Leveraging the power of Facebook's Dynamic Ads with MakeMeReach

DA (Dynamic Ads, formerly DPA) is a powerful retargeting product from Facebook, capable of handling different use cases, such as retargeting for products, hotels, or destinations. In this article, we will focus on product retargeting.

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