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Facebook taking steps to monetize WhatsApp: our analysis

Purchased in 2014 for around US$19 billion, WhatsApp is Facebook’s most expensive acquisition. And, if growth in user numbers is anything to go by, it has been a wildly successful one. From 450 million users when it was acquired by Facebook, WhatsApp’s user base has more than...

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The GDPR 2 months on: what has changed?

We are over 2 months into this new GDPR world - but what has changed? Sure, we all received a barrage of opt-in emails around the 25th of May...but what has practically changed since then?

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WATCH: Tour de Social - 2018's major social advertising updates

Since we're over half way through the year, we thought it'd be worthwhile to go back over some of the major social advertising updates across the 4 major networks in 2018. 

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Twitter advertising: Highlights from the latest Playbook for Agencies

Twitter recently released their Q2 2018 edition of the ‘Twitter Playbook for Agencies’. The team at Twitter have put together the resource to answers those questions most frequently asked by agencies and their clients about advertising on the network.

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Facebook ad transparency: bad news for advertisers or opportunity in disguise?

Facebook recently launched a controversial tool, allowing users greater visibility into advertising on the platform. Now, as well as being able to hide or report ads, Facebook users are able to see a list of all active ads from businesses within a dedicated ‘info and ads’ section of the business’ page.

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Social ad-dicts podcast

The first ever social ad tech news podcast!

Each week we digest the most important social ad media news and compile it into a concise podcast ready for your Tuesday morning commute.

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Snapchat & Facebook making moves in e-commerce: what you need to know

News surfaced last week that Snapchat is building out a visual search feature within its app. Yet to be confirmed by Snapchat, code within the android app seems to suggest a partnership with Amazon on a visual product search feature.

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10 'frighteningly' common mistakes in social media advertising

To celebrate Friday the 13th, our weekly Facebook live today focused on some of the most ‘frighteningly’ common mistakes in social media advertising. While listening to these can be scary, the aim was quite the opposite - to help you improve your performance with some social advertising best practices!

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3 strategies for managing comments on your social media ads

Interaction is central to social media. The ability to comment, ask questions and give feedback on posts is what social media is all about. Is it really social media without the ‘social’? Without the ability to post comments, social networks become places of one way communication, instead of interaction and connection.

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