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How to plan your 2019 online advertising strategy

It's mid-November and planning for 2019 is already well and truly on your mind. But how do you go about putting a strategy together? With the huge number of channels available to advertisers today, where should you place your focus?

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Facebook launching Lasso shows continuing evolution of social video

Facebook last week quietly launched a new standalone video app called Lasso, thought to be its competitive offer to win users from TikTok (who has now acquired

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Get more cheer with Google advertising this Christmas

The decorations are going up, it's getting colder outside, and Christmas is just around the corner! It's a cheery time of year, not just for people, but also for savvy businesses from a range of industries.

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Ads in Facebook Marketplace: a guide to keeping it contextual

The development of Facebook Marketplace over the last year or so has been impressive. The social giant has thrown itself head-long into the online commerce space, by building a tool to further facilitate what had already become one of the major uses of Facebook around the world: buying and selling.

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6 things that set the Stories format apart

Stories are changing social media. But what exactly makes them different?

If you’re going to make the most of this format in your advertising strategy, you will need to understand what sets it apart. Across the major social networks, there are slight differences in the way Stories are set up, but there are also some...

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Keys to Black Friday (part 3): Be Creative

Increased competition on platforms like Facebook means advertisers need to be more creative to gain cut-through. Especially around tiles of high competition, like Black Friday, advertisers need to think outside the box to break through the 'noise'.

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Why Facebook & Google advertising work better together

In an increasingly complex and omni-channel world, more and more performance marketers are recognising that traditional attribution models are broken. Last-click attribution, commonly used in the industry to measure the effectiveness of one channel over another, simply isn’t geared towards the complex web of...

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MakeMeReach and HAVAS on stage at Facebook Global Partner Summit 2018

We were proud to have been invited by Facebook to present a session this week at the Global Partner Summit in New York.

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