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Customized User Roles: 5 Examples You Could Set Up in MakeMeReach

MakeMeReach is a powerful solution with many different pillars to help you optimize your online ads: automation, reporting, campaign creation, and more. And we all know that the many steps of running an ad campaign is a multi-person effort. From the person setting the budget to...

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Event Summary: Showcasing Google Reporting in MakeMeReach

Last week we organized a workshop with our partner Google to showcase our expanding ad tech solution and present some of our future vision. As a Google Premier Partner since 2018, the workshop was the opportunity to present the newly launched Google reporting now available on MakeMeReach, and to outline the roadmap of...

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How to deploy a paid social tool within a global organization

For a global company, managing social advertising at scale is often a complex challenge. At MakeMeReach, we have a track record of helping our clients scale and expand globally. Whether it is thanks to our built-in team management features, or to our Customer Success team, we’ve helped some clients to expand their...

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