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5 tips for great Facebook Lead Ads that convert

If your business has a focus on lead generation, you need to be using Facebook Lead ads. Lead ads are an innovative Facebook ad format that make forms simpler for users and more valuable for business.

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5 tips for keeping Relevance Score high

Relevance Relevance Score is a tool provided by Facebook, centered on the relationship between your ad and its target audience. It’s a number from 1-10 (1 being very bad and 10 being very good) which you should keep an eye on when optimizing your campaigns.

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Should you outsource your social advertising?

Are you just getting started with advertising on social media? We know it can be daunting! With the huge variety of different platforms, ad formats and targeting options it can be hard to know where to start.

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A bunch of Facebook metrics are being deleted: Here they are

Facebook last week announced that in July 2018 it will removing a number of ads metrics. The social media giant has identified a series of metrics that are either dated or ‘unhelpful’.

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Introducing Facebook trip consideration

Picture this: it’s a cold, rainy Monday morning in the dead of winter. You’re queuing up at the bus stop on your way to work with only one thing on your mind: “I NEED to book a holiday”. You know you want to spend a couple of weeks lying on the beach in the sun...but where?

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Social ad-dicts podcast

The first ever social ad tech news podcast!

Each week we digest the most important social ad media news and compile it into a concise podcast ready for your Tuesday morning commute.

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Introducing Canvas on Instagram

MakeMeReach is delighted to announce Facebook’s unveiling of  Canvas on the Instagram news feed today! Canvas is an interactive, full screen ad experience developed specifically by Facebook for mobile devices. The immersive format helps advertisers to achieve any objective by offering businesses a digital surface on...
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Only on MakeMeReach: Dynamic Homepage

Here at MakeMeReach, we aim to change the way advertisers run their campaigns on social media for the better. We want to play a big role in creating the future of interaction between brands and people. In order for our mission to succeed, we build innovative and unique features on our cutting-edge platform and we...

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Tracking Social Ad performances

Albeit not the most entertaining, tracking is fundamental to understanding how to drive investments and how to maximize the impact of each penny we spend to reach our objectives.

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