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Facebook is replacing the Relevance Score

Facebook announced in a blog post last week that three major changes are coming to its ad metrics in April, with the relevance score notably being eliminated.

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Snapchat Ads Workshop with MakeMeReach

Learn how to effectively make use of advertising on Snapchat, availing of every resource to make sure your ads reach the widest audience.

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Why use a Facebook Marketing Partner?

You may be using a Facebook Marketing Partner (or "FMP") without even realising they're part of an impressive ecosystem. Have a read of our blogpost, to understand the importance of Facebook Marketing Partners for managing your ad campaigns at scale, improving measurement, reaching new audiences or more.

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MakeMeReach becomes a Snapchat Partner!

We are thrilled to announce you that we have been vetted as an official Snapchat Partner! From today, the new integration on the MakeMeReach platform will allow all our clients to run campaigns on Snapchat and to benefit from the expertise of our team on this very fast growing social media platform.

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Ads in Instagram Stories: Official launch and First Tests

Instagram offers a place to people and businesses to share their everyday and epic moments. Launched in August 2016, Instagram Stories has enabled businesses to get to the next step by bringing their stories to life in another, more ephemeral way.

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