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Toyota and Socialyse generate 35k leads with Facebook Lead ads

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21 Feb, 2018

Toyota Motor Corporation is the world’s largest automobile manufacturer by volume. When it comes to their social media advertising, they trust their agency Socialyse Netherlands to deliver great results. Socialyse is the regional arm of Havas Group’s social media pure player. Harnessing data to analyze human behavior and measure outcomes, Socialyse offers a variety of skills and disciplines that are indispensable to achieve business-success in social media.

Facebook Lead Ads Drive Results for Toyota

For a few years now, Facebook Lead ads have been the star ad format for automotive advertisers.

Through the MakeMeReach platform, Socialyse has run hundreds of Lead ad campaigns for Toyota, and has delivered some fantastic results, including more than 35 thousand leads and an average overall Cost-per-Lead (CPL) of just over 10% lower than the initial objective set by the client.


Facebook Lead Ads + MakeMeReach = perfect combo

Quickly create a range of creatives

The platform allowed Socialyse to create a range of creatives in just a few clicks, ensuring A/B testing was thorough across all campaigns.

Automation Center gives campaigns a boost

The MakeMeReach Automation Center allowed Socialyse to create a set of automatic rules around their goal of optimizing CPL.

Easy monitoring and live reporting

The MakeMeReach homepage is fully customizable and Socialyse combined different graphs and tables on the dashboard to keep a quick overview of the metrics that mattered. 


Find out more, and see some examples of the creatives used, in the full success story, now available on our website.

Interested in finding out more about how Facebook Lead ads, in combination with the MakeMeReach platform, could drive your business' success? Contact us today!

Discover how Socialyse generated 35k leads for Toyota Download the case study now

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