Uniting networks at MakeMeSell in Madrid

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28 Jun, 2019

Here at MakeMeReach, we believe that online ads networks are stronger together. The modern consumer moves seamlessly between online channels. And no matter the industry, the path to purchase zig-zags from one network to another and involves a succession of touch points. A single ad click on a single network is never fully responsible for a purchase.

ideaMarketing strategies today need to reflect this reality. Breaking your online ads out of silos and creating 3D, cross-channel campaigns can lead to significantly improved performance. Each network has its strengths, and when you combine them as part of your ads strategy, great things can happen. 

That was also the key takeaway from our event MakeMeSell in Madrid, where MakeMeReach did what we do best - brought networks together. We gathered speakers from Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Snapchat to dive into the advertising solutions available to help today's retailers scale their business.

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MakeMeSell was also an opportunity for the speakers to hear straight from the clients. “We really like this kind of event where we have the opportunity to work with customers and understand the demands of the market,” said Aleix Casals, Sales Executive at Twitter

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Adding value to each network

Another key takeaway from MakeMeSell is the value that the MakeMeReach platform adds to what each network offers. “At Snapchat, MakeMeReach is really beneficial for us,” according to Julio Simal, Sales Director at Snapchat. “They give us wider penetration in the market, and they help the clients know better how we can work with them, and how all our technological advances can make them [stand out] in the market.”

partnershipAccording to Carlos García Moreno-Torres, Channel Sales Strategic Partner Manager at Google, “Google is a partnerships company, and we like to partner with companies like MakeMeReach to build and customize the perfect solutions for certain segments of advertisers.” 

Watch the video recap of the event above to hear some more event takeaways from speakers and attendees.

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