Video Ads: Reaching customers across networks

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21 Jun, 2019

Video content can be a super effective way to reach your customers. It performs well across channels, and the overall impact of video in the digital space has only been increasing. People are watching more and more, and video content overall has better rates of user engagement. Here are some figures to put things into perspective:

Video is simply a format that grabs peoples’ attention. And this means that advertising with video can be a powerful way to convey your brand message and drive conversions.

Video ads across social networks

Ready to add video to your ad mix? All major social networks offer video ad options, meaning that no matter your target audiences or objectives, you can successfully reach consumers with video ads.

bux storiesFacebook and Instagram

You can run video ads in the Facebook or Instagram feeds, or opt for Stories ads on either network. Limited to 15 seconds and ephemeral in nature, Stories ads blend well with the content posted by users’ friends. Both networks offer highly granular targeting options, making it easy to reach the right people with your video ad in the feed or in Stories.

Our client BUX tested video ads in Facebook Stories and saw their cost-per-install cut in half.


Snapchat also offers the option of video Snap ads, or Stories ads that appear for users in Snapchat’s Discover section. Advertising on Snapchat enables you to reach audiences that can be difficult to reach on other networks. And one of the great things about video ads on Snap is that the audio is on by default!

Read how our client blackpills succeeded in driving down their cost-per-install with Snapchat video ads.


Twitter offers promoted video as an ad format, and their targeting options make it easy to reach the right users with your ad. And video is a great format to use on Twitter: tweets with video attract 10x more engagement than tweets with photos.


Pinterest also supports promoted videos. As a network where people come for inspiration and to plan purchases, it can be a natural place to reach your customers.

P.S. Did we mention we're now a Pinterest Partner?!

video youtubeVideo ads on Google

With Google, you can run video ads across the Google Display Network or on YouTube. Google recently announced a brand new tool that makes video creation even easier: Bumper Machine. Using machine learning, the tool identifies important elements of a longer video - logos, branding information, human faces, etc. - and converts them into multiple 6-second video ads.

video3Best practices for video advertising

Creating video ads can be a big investment, so it’s important to get them right. Like with any ad format, there are some best practices to keep in mind when advertising with video. Here are 7 quick tips on how to succeed with your video ads:

1. Keep video ads short and sweet. The average watch time of a video on Facebook is only 10 seconds! Longer videos might lose the viewer’s attention, and they’ll miss part of your message. There is an increasing trend towards 6-second video ads, which are well suited to short, snappy messages. And even with short videos, be sure to keep the hook at the beginning. This helps capture the viewer’s attention to keep them watching and better convey your message.

2. Get your branding in early in the video. This is proven to improve brand recall. Even if a viewer clicks away from your ad quickly, you maximize your chances of communicating your brand message and driving the action you want.

3. Think audio off. 85% of videos on Facebook are seen without sound. Make sure your video makes sense with or without audio, and use captions so viewers will get the message no matter what. (Note that Snapchat is an exception: audio is on by default on the network.)

4. Place your call to action in the middle. If you’re using a specific CTA, placement within your video is key. The beginning of your video should focus on grabbing your viewer’s attention, but if you leave your CTA to the end, you might lose them before they see it. Mid-roll CTAs perform better on average than those placed at the beginning or end.

5. Try out different styles to see what resonates best with your audiences. Maybe your brand will do best with videos featuring people. Or maybe animated videos are what will get your audiences to pay attention.  

video46. Think mobile. Consumers are increasingly viewing content on their smartphones, so your video ads should be adapted to a mobile format. Mobile video ads regularly outperform video ads on other devices, for key metrics including brand awareness and ad recall.

7. Consider your KPIs. Establishing KPIs from the beginning will enable you to effectively measure the success of your video ads. If you aim to drive web traffic with your video ad for example, you’ll want to track the click-through-rate (CTR). And if you want your video to get as many views as possible, you should be tracking all different lengths of video views.

MakeMeReach partners with Wibbitz

We know that video can be an impactful way of advertising, but actually creating great video ads can be challenging. Limited time, budget, or human resources can make it difficult to regularly generate quality video for your ads.

wibbitz_full_logo_blueTo help our clients overcome these challenges we’ve partnered with Wibbitz. Wibbitz is a platform that provides you with all you need to create engaging videos within minutes. They provide all the building blocks, from footage to music to templates - no editing or production experience required.

They’re also video marketing experts - read the report they recently published on social video marketing.

Thanks to our exclusive partnership offer, MakeMeReach clients have the ability to subscribe to a leading tool for the easy creation of video ads, in formats adapted to multiple platforms, in a matter of minutes!

Combined with the powerful targeting, automation, and reporting available in the MakeMeReach platform, this partnership means our clients have access to the perfect mix of creative and performance.

Sound like the solution for you?

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