Webinar: Media planning made simple

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25 Mar, 2020

Setting up and executing a cross-channel media plan is a complex task involving many people and consisting of many layers. It can be difficult to collaborate efficiently with everyone who has a hand in the media plan, and has typically involved spreadsheets that require constant updates and multiple versions. It's time-consuming, and can be inefficient and lead to mistakes. 

What if there were an easier way to manage your media planning? MakeMeReach has a new tool that facilitates collaboration between stakeholders and makes delivering on transparency easier than ever.

Our webinar

On Wednesday, April 1st at 4pm CET/10am EST, we're hosting a webinar to talk about media planning and how you can manage yours better and more efficiently.

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We'll walk you through how our intuitive media planning tool simplifies even the most complex advertising.

Learn how to use it to:

  • Create a media plan in the without spreadsheets or email threads.
  • Collaborate with all stakeholders
  • Create campaigns from the media plan with no mistakes.
  • Track your main KPIs in real time to follow up on the execution of the media plan.

Webinar presenters

fabio@2xFabio Cortes

Product Marketing Manager
@ MakeMeReach


thumbnail_kathryn@2xKat Peake

Content Marketing Manager
@ MakeMeReach

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