Year of the Pig: 5 things online advertisers can learn from the humble pig

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7 Feb, 2019

Happy Chinese New Year! To celebrate the start of the 'Year of the Pig', we thought we’d have a little fun sharing five similarities between our porcine friends and a great online advertiser! What does the common pig have to teach us about taking online advertising performance to the next level?

1. Start cute, grow big

christopher-carson-522540-unsplashHow cute are little piglets? Answer: the cutest. Pigs start off their lives small and cuddly, but they don’t stay like that for long! It’s said the average farm pig can grow to 100kg (230 lbs.) within just 5 months.

Online advertisers are much the same - they start off small by testing new advertising approaches with limited budgets. Maybe it’s a new ad format like Facebook playable ads, or a new approach to targeting or bidding. Then, once they find something that is performing well, they scale fast! They seize opportunities to put more budget behind what’s working, moving it away from things that were less successful. This test-and-iterate mindset is a hallmark of successful online advertisers, no matter the network.

2. They sniff out the important stuff

Did you know a pig’s sense of smell is about 2000 times more sensitive than humans? They use their snouts to search, or root, for food. And they’re super smart too - among the smartest domesticated animals, even smarter than dogs.

Like pigs, great online advertisers know how to ‘smell’ for what’s really going on. They’ve mastered analytics and reporting tools in an advanced adtech platform like MakeMeReach, and use them like a keen sense of smell to find new optimization opportunities. With tools like the Helicopter View in MakeMeReach, our clients have everything it takes to develop a keen ‘sense of smell’ in their online advertising.

Screenshot 2019-02-07 at 18.14.04The MakeMeReach Helicopter View (customizable dashboard).
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3. They DON’T sweat it

Contrary to popular believe, and the common saying “I’m sweating like a pig”, pigs don’t sweat like we humans do. While they do have a few sweat glands, they’re not very useful for temperature adjustment. That’s why, when the temperature rises, they're quick to roll around in the mud to cool off!

Similar to pigs, smart online advertisers don’t sweat it. To take their performances up a gear, they know how to work smarter and not harder. They make the most of automation to level-up their manual optimization skills. Setting up rules like budget reallocation, to automatically move budget between ad sets or campaigns based on set performance standards, great online advertisers.

In the video below, get an overview of automation rules for automation, available in the MakeMeReach Automation Center.

4. They’re social

pascal-debrunner-1059218-unsplashPigs are social animals. When kept under free-ranging conditions they live in groups of around eight individuals.

While successful online advertisers don’t necessarily live in a house with 7 other people (although some might - who knows?!), they also understand the value of conversations and relationships with other people in the industry. They attend industry events, know where to go for the latest information on advertising strategies and tactics, and keep their ear open for learnings.

5. They eat up every new possibility

It’s no secret that pigs love eating. And they eat almost anything. After all, you don’t pack on 100 kilograms of weight in five months without eating pretty much everything in front of you!

Like pigs, the best online advertisers ‘eat up’ every new possibility in front of them. With their ears close to the ground to hear about new betas and advertising options across the networks they’re interested in, they are quick to jump in and test new things when they get the opportunity.

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